renewable source of energy

A renewable source of energy

There is always an ongoing debate on is Solar Energy Renewable. The answer to is yes the solar energy is one of renewable energy source. Solar energy is never lasting energy source that would never get exhausted. It does not matter on the amount of the solar energy used. Use of solar energy at any place does not reduce the efficiency or amount of solar energy at other place.
There are many instruments that are made and is used for converting the solar energy to electric energy. The electric energy generated by these cells can be use for any purpose. The generation of the electricity by these cells uses the electrons. The electron after absorbing the sunlight contributes in generating the electrical energy. This process is repetitive and goes on and on and the effect is termed as the photovoltaic effect and this effect is renewable. Thus it is correct to say that the solar energy is renewable source of energy.
People keep on raising the same question Is Solar Energy Renewable despite of the known and proved facts. Use of the solar energy in any way does not reduce the source or amount of the energy. The solar energy can be used to generate any form of energy by using the relevant instruments again and again.
The renewable solar energy is even used to heat the water. The solar water heater has the black plates that absorbs the energy and uses it for heating the water. The solar energy is also used to generate the solar energy. Sunspaces as well as the trombe walls are created on the south side of the building to absorb the solar light and use the energy to heat the air and circulate the air into the houses. There are ample of such examples that justifies that the solar energy without any doubt is renewable energy and can be generated again and again.